Have questions for us about online ordering, our seafood market or something else?

Please feel free to contact us, but just in case we have compiled a few frequently asked questions here to save you some time.



1. What happens if I place an order online on a Saturday or Sunday or before a national holiday?

Orders will only be shipped Monday through Friday. Orders placed on a Saturday or Sunday will be subsequently shipped on the following Monday for Tuesday delivery. Orders placed on any national holiday where our carrier FedEx / PeriShip doesn't ship will be shipped on the next business day. For a list of holidays and more information, please visit FedEx's Package Service Guide.


2. How do you ensure that my package will arrive on time and maintain freshness?

Orders placed are shipped at the very last moment to ensure the seafood maintains temperature throughout its journey to you. We use FedEx / PeriShip to guarantee that your order arrives on time. Your order is packaged into special styrofoam-insulated boxes delicately along with special frozen gel packs designed to maintain temperature during its transit. Orders should be placed into refrigeration or cooked and consumed immediately upon arrival. Fisherman's Market is not responsible for orders that spoil due to negligence of these guidelines and orders WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.


3. Is there a cut-off time that an order may be placed and still shipped on the same day?

Our seafood market is located in the SouthCoast of Massachusetts where we are on Eastern Standard Time. All orders must be placed prior 3:30 p.m. for it to be shipped on that day. After an order is processed, you will receive confirmations via e-mail to track its journey. Keep in mind, orders placed prior to 3:30 p.m. on a day before a holiday or weekend will not ship until the following Monday. Saturday delivery is an option at checkout.


4. My live lobsters arrived on time, but they seem to be lethargic or unresponsive. What should I do?

Shipping live lobsters is a common thing these days. We pack our lobsters with paper moistened in sea water as well as add special frozen gel packs to ensure the lobsters remain alive during transit. This journey can sometimes render the lobsters to be lethargic or give the sense that they may have not made the journey. Live lobsters should be cooked immediately upon arrival or placed in refrigeration for no longer than 6-8 hours and then cooked.


5. I haven't received my order yet. Who can I contact?

If you feel that your order may be in jeopardy, we want to make sure to find out what happened to it as soon as possible. Please call Fisherman's Market at 508-717-6901, Fleet Fisheries at 508-996-3742 or the 24-hour helpline at PeriShip at 866-928-6428. Please have your order number and tracking information available. You may also email