These are the current market prices as of September 19, 2018

Prices are updated weekly on Wednesdays.

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.
All prices are per pound unless otherwise noted.

Products Prices
Dry Sea Scallops 10/2012.99
Sea Scallop Chunks7.99

Tuna - Ahi12.49
Halibut Fillet14.99
Canadian Salmon Fillet8.99
Fresh Monkfish Fillet5.99
Frozen Octopus5.99
Previously Frozen Haddock3.99
Previously Frozen Chowder Fish3.49
Individually Frozen Haddock3.99

Whole Fish

Lobsters and Crabs
Firm Shell Lobster5.99
1 1/2 Hard Shell Lobsters8.99
2 - 3 Hard Shell Lobster9.99

4/6 Jumbo Shrimp Raw15.99
Raw Boat Run Shrimp caught in North Carolina waters8.29
16/20 Shrimp Cocktail11.49
Frz 4/6 Jumbo Shrimp
Raw 2 lb Bag
30.00 ea.
Frz 8/12 Shrimp Raw 2lb. Bag26.00 ea.
Frz 21/25 Shrimp Raw 2lb. Bag15.00 ea.
Frz 16/20 Shrimp Ckd 2lb. Bag23.00 ea.
Frz 21/25 Shrimp Ckd 2lb. Bag20.00 ea.

Oysters1.00 ea.
P.E.I. Mussels 2lb. Bag4.00 ea.
Conch Meat8.99

Ocean Dock Seafood Entrees
Shrimp Scampi3.99 ea.
Shrimp Marinara3.99 ea.

Packaged Goods
Stuffies2.25 ea.
Codfish Cakes1.00 ea.
Hot Peppered Smoked Salmon6.99 ea.
Fisherman's Market
Cocktail Sauce Mild
3.99 ea
Fisherman's Market
Cocktail Sauce Spicy
3.99 ea.
Fisherman's Market
Insulated Bag
Fisherman's Market 27 oz. Insulated Cups14.99 ea.



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