These are the current market prices as of October 19, 2017:
Prices are updated weekly on Wednesdays.

Product ClassProduct NamePrice
CodCod Fillet8.99
CrabRed Crab3.99
CrabJonah Crab1.99
CrabAll Leg Crab Meat 8oz9.99
FishMonkfish Tail4.69
Flat FishSea Dabs7.19
HaddockSnapper Haddock4.49
HalibutHalibut Fillet15.99
LobsterHard Shell Lobster 1-1/48.99
LobsterHard Shell Lobster 1-1/28.99
LobsterHard Shell Lobster 2-39.99
LobsterFirm Shell Lobster4.99
LobsterHard Shell Lobster 3-48.99
OceansDock Seafood EntreesVidalia Lemon Piccata Pollock3.99
OceansDock Seafood EntreesVidalia Limoncello Cod3.99
OceansDock Seafood EntreesVidalia Lemon Dill Cod3.99
OceansDock Seafood EntreesShrimp Scampi3.99
OceansDock Seafood EntreesShrimp Marinara3.99
OceansDock Seafood EntreesLouisiana Cajun Salmon3.99
OceansDock Seafood EntreesAlmond Frangelico Salmon3.99
SalmonSalmon Fillet8.99
Scallops10/20 Scallops13.69
ScallopsSea Scallop Chunks9.29
ShrimpJumbo Shrimp Cocktail 16/2012.99
ShrimpShrimp Cocktail 21/2510.79
ShrimpShrimp Raw Natural USA8.29
SwordfishSwordfish Kabobs3.99
TunaTuna - Grill Grade5.49
TunaTuna - Ahi9.99



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